Things a Call Center Employee Will Never Tell You

  1. We do not need a 20 minute story or how your children had a hard time putting a scarf on Frosty. The only reasons why we ask questions about the weather is to fill dead air. Weather is the easiest thing to talk about without offending anybody. Please be polite and answer and try to keep the conversation going, but not to the point where we are trying to rush you off the phone.
  2. We want you off our phone as quickly as possible. We have stats we need to meet and being long winded or refusing to cooperate makes it a living hell. Sometimes we may spend the rest of our shift trying to make up for one bad call.
  3. Please make sure you are calling the right company. You have no idea how many calls come that are made for some one else. It wastes time, and cause frustration because neither party knows what the other is talking about. If you try to call Cricket and the person who answers the phone says “Thank you for calling Quest,” hang up.
  4. Every customer believes that they deserve something special. If we say no twice, the answer is not going to change no matter who you speak too.
  5. We do care, we are just trained to be robots on the phone.
  6. We may not agree with all the company policies, but we will definatly not tell you that.
  7. If you realize you aren’t getting exactly what you want accept it. We have bills to pay too and will not risk our job for anyone.
  8. If you are already receiving money off you bill or a discount of any kind, chances are you will not get another discount. You need to pay for the services you are using, you would expect to pay ten dollars for twenty dollars worth of groceries would you? By not paying your full rate you are insuring that not only yours but the rate of everyone will increase because of discounts. Prices are put in place for a reason, don’t hurt yourself in the long run. Also a word of advice, we can add credits to an account but we can also reverse them, especially if they were not supposed to be there in the first place.
  9. If you signed a contract, you will not be released from it unless you die, go on active duty, become admitted full-time to a hospital, or have documented proof that you are unable to receive our services.
  10. We laugh to our selves when you say you are going to sue. Chances are attorney fees are higher than the fee you refused to pay.
  11. We want to help, but we can only do so much.
  12. If you are nice to us we will do more for you. If you are rude, chances are we will not give you everything we have to offer because we would rather not have you as a customer. We would rather lose you then have you get transferred to a friend or worse, us again!
  13. We are human and though we do have some of the toughest skins in the customer service industry we do still get offended.
  14. We do not appreciated sexual advances and harassment. This is not a call where you can play with yourself and get fulfillment. Spend 5$ a minute somewhere else or watch porn, we wouldn’t do it to you don’t do it to us.
  15. Asking to speak to a supervisor after being told they will be able to offer the same things is ridiculous. You will be placed on hold for several minutes, and the supervisor does not have to be as nice as me. The have the ability to end the call when I don’t. Most of the time the bottom feeders are your best bet, they have the most to lose, and will give you the most.
  16. If you did get through to a supervisor and did not like what they had to say, do not call back. You will waste more of your time getting the same answer. We can see who you spoke to last and what they told you. Don’t lie it makes you look like a moron.
  17. You may think what you are asking for is an easy fix, if we say no it’s not.
  18. When we troubleshoot only press what we ask you to press, by not cooperating you waste of both of our time.
  19. If you need to vent before you can continue speaking to a human, ask to be placed on hold. I have hated getting yelled at for things that were not my fault.
  20. We are human and make mistakes. Ask questions to clarify, and with any promises ask that they either be mailed to you or noted on the account. A good employee will do whatever they can to help you out.
  21. We can’t let you have personal information on any employee don’t ask.
  22. If you dissatisfied use the tools we gave you to complain to the right person. We can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.
  23. You have the right to hang up if you no longer want to speak to us, but if you hang during disclosures we assume you knew what we were going to tell you and that you know what additional charges and fees are associated with the changes made.
  24. We hate the “hidden” fee as much as you do. We have to both pay it and charge it, we understand its frustrating but unfortunately that is just the businesses are run now.
  25. If you have a sad story, we do feel sorry for you. However, you are still responsible for the services. we may hate ourselves for it, but we have to do what we were trained to do.
  26. Sometimes we hate ourselves for the things we do.
  28. Give the agents and company feedback in any way you can. It helps, not much but it helps.
  29. We forget about you in five minutes unless you were a jerk, had an amazing story, or made us feel like crying. Your information is completely safe.
  30. We would treat or friends, family, and coworkers the exact same way if they called in with the same issue.


I made this about six months ago when I finally got fed up with all the people who called and made me feel like crap. They would belittle me for not giving them what want without realizing that I was in fact doing my job. I am happy I escaped that toxic hell hole and have found a new job as a bookstore employee. My stories there are definitely not as funny but the job doesn’t make me want to shoot myself on a day-to-day basis.

In my blog I hope to share bits and pieces of my journey through the call center, a break up, and then finally to my dream job to have while I am in college studying to become a manager/ teacher/ psychologist/ writer. I am going to be in school for a long time yet, but I am happy I found something that I enjoy while I reach for my dreams.

Best of Luck to my readers, and I hope you have a great day.


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